Never underestimate what a group of determined women can accomplish together in sweatpants with a glass of wine.

Global Girls Night is a catalyst for change by raising money for non-profits through girls nights gatherings.

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Together with friends, in our sweatpants, with messy hair and cheese plates we can be global forces for good. 


"Never underestimate what a group of determined women can accomplish together in sweatpants with a glass of wine."

- Kate Rapier, Global Girls Night Founder


How does it work?

Girls nights are already happening every night all around the world.

The idea is just to have a tiny shift in your girls night that’s already happening. 

Here’s where to begin.


Volunteer to host a Global Girls Night


Pick your charity from our Global Girls Night impact partners


Invite your friends...

...provide the snacks, wine, etc. and tell them this week the group is going global.

What happens next?

Once you register your Global Girls Night, we will send you all the information you need to make it perfect.

You will receive... 


Charity's  Information

Information about the incredible Charity we are all rallying around to support (Background info, Vision, Mission, etc.)


Two Minute Video to Share

A two minute video about that charity to show your girls (on your smart phone or computer).


Link to Collect Donations

The link for people to donate at your girls night. 

And then what?


Host your girls night

...and have a great time together!


Share the charity's video

...on your iPhone to your friends, so they can see exactly where their money is going.


Invite your friends to give

take their $5 or $10 that they would’ve spent on a bottle of wine or hummus and donate it through the donate page on their phones.


Ready to Get Started?

(If not, keep scrolling.  There is more info below.)


How does this help?

If you had five friends who came and gave $10 each...

Together as a group, you raise $50 dollars!

What if that month there were 1,000 other girls nights all around the world that went global, and you, together with your girlfriends in their sweatpants, raised $50,000 for the charity of the month.

$50,000 makes a global impact!

Just imagine how $50,000 could help a child escape from sex trafficking in India, enable clean water being delivered to an expectant mother in Uganda, or provide job training to women in Haiti.

...and that is how you, with your gal-pals, changed the world by hosting an ordinary girls night .

(And, we all did it together)


Ready to Get Started?