Never underestimate what a group of determined women can accomplish together in sweatpants with a glass of wine.



My name is Kate!

I'm so glad you're here!


The idea for Global Girls Night came in 3 parts:

My love for girls nights


The movie First Wives Club


Knowing of so many incredible non-profits I wanted to support.


A little background...

I am a girl who loves her girlfriends. And I love a good girls night. Wine, cheese and comfy clothes with my best gals. As Amy Poehler says: YES PLEASE! My friends' typical-go-to girls night is exactly that: come as you are. Sweatpants, dirty clothes, messy hair, heartbreaks, or good news etc. There is always wine (even if people are doing a weird cleanse or are preggo) and there is always cheese. We are a cheesy group (sorry, couldn't help myself.) Sometimes we are all watching a show together, so we gather to watch the next episode. Sometimes we just hang, and other times we play games. I love these women. They have laughed with me, cheered me on, cried with me, prayed for me, left me flowers at my door…they are the best. I am a better person because of each of them. They are a big reason why this idea came to life.

I also got the idea for GGN from the plethora of girls nights I've attended. I love catching up with my girlfriends, but sometimes I just felt so self-focused. I was going through a time in my life when I didn’t have any major life updates to share, and sometimes I would leave these girls nights feeling more lonely and isolated than before. Not because of my friends, but because of me. I wanted to contribute at these girls nights when I was going through a time in my life that seemed incredibly desolate on a personal level. 

If you ask me what my top 5 movies are, somewhere near the top would be First Wives Club. Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton star in the comedy about women banding together. There is a line from the movie that has ALWAYS stuck out. My sister Amy and I quote it all the time. They say: "... And then ... and then we go GLOBAL."

It got me thinking:

What if there could be a global girls night?

My friends and I coming together to change the world in our sweats and messy hair with bottles of wine?

And that leads me to another thing. Most of the time, fundraisers are all fancy and black tie events —which I actually love - don't get me wrong. I adore getting all dressed up fancy-shmancy and busting a move on the dance floor. I am always up for that. But, at those events that I’ve attended, sometimes I’ve been at a table where I can afford to write a check for $25 dollars and the person next to me is writing a check for $10,000. It would sometimes make me feel badly about my donation, that it was insignificant or not enough. 

I’ve always had a unique interest in non-profits. My dad started one when I was in high school (yes, it’s one of the ones we support—obviously!) but I got to see firsthand how far a $10 donation can actually go. Ten dollars can change someone's life in Africa. It’s hard to grasp sometimes, even for me, and I have actually witnessed it right in front of my own eyes. But I wanted to show that lots of small donations can actually make a HUGE difference.

And there isn’t just my dad’s non-profit that I wanted to support. I have friends who lead and serve on so many incredible organizations—all that I love and believe in. They are changing the life at a time. Whether it’s being rescued from sexual slavery or trafficking or learning kindness in schools or having access to clean water. 

So, I knew there were so many wonderful organizations that I wanted to support.

I wanted a way to help bring awareness and support to all of them.

Global Girls Night was the opportunity to combine a few of my favorite things:

My girlfriends

(who I couldn’t survive without)



(which lets face it, I wouldn’t want to survive without)


The fact that women banded together in unity can make a global impact and change the world.

I sit at my laptop in my sweats with a glass of wine and have this crazy idea that I could change the world.

But I realize, I can’t.

But together…all of us together?

We can change someone's life.

Thanks for joining in on this crazy journey. I'd love for you to host your very own girls night!

Much love,

Kate Rapier (Global Girls Night Founder)