The idea is simple.

There are more detailed answers in our FAQ section, but here are the BASICS.

You’ve got this:

  1. Have a normal girls night. Yup, same group of friends that you would normally have. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy or out of the normal. Who are your people?* Invite them.

  2. Pick your charity. You can see which charities Global Girls Night is supporting.

  3. Tell your friends that you are GOING GLOBAL with this girls night. Ask your friends if they’d be willing to donate $1 or $5 or whatever amount they want at the girls night. You’ll supply the wine, cheese or whatever else floats your girls nights boat.

  4. At your girls night, do your normal hang and catch up — then play the short 2 minute video that we'll provide, from the organization you’re supporting, and let your friends donate via mobile device.

* If you don’t feel like you have people, this is awesome! You get to create your very own tribe/girls night. Be bold and invite a few new friends. 


Choose Your Charity

Click the charity you want your girl’s night to support: