Never underestimate what a group of determined women can accomplish together in sweatpants with a glass of wine.

global girls night's

Impact Partners


LOVE does

Love does have been fighting for human rights and providing education to children in conflict zones for over 15 years. 


HUmanity & Hope united foundation

Humanity & Hope United is a non-profit working to assist underserved villages in remote parts of Honduras. We partner with the people of each village to achieve sustainable change, focusing on the needs of individuals rather than a single issue or approach. We are convinced that hope is contagious—that when people invest their talents in making others’ lives better, hope will spread.


Rescue: freedom

Rescue:freedom rescues women and children from a life of sexual slavery and help restore them to a life of freedom, independence, and hope by providing for their physical, emotional, and holistic needs.


mwana villages

Mwana Villages is a grass-roots orphan care ministry. We exist to serve the Littles, Bigs and Mamas through practical and sustainable ways, creating long-term solutions with a goal toward preserving the family.


the letter project

At its core, The Letter Project is simple: women writing letters to girls around the world who need extra encouragement. No problem is too big or too small for us to send a little bit of handwritten love your way.

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the onsite foundation

The Onsite Foundation provides trauma-informed counseling and emotional health education that transforms individuals and communities.


thistle farms

Women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction deserve a second chance at life.


houses of hope africa

HOUSES OF HOPE AFRICA exists to build, staff, equip, and support orphan homes in order that they can become self-sustainable environments. HOUSES OF HOPE AFRICA provides what we agree should be available to every child: a loving home, clothing, food, access to an education and someone to care for them.